Biggest 'buyer-beware' free agents

Is Michael Vick worth the risk for the New York Jets or another team? Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

The NFL's free-agency period begins on March 11, and teams will attempt to fill roster holes with experienced veterans before getting another shot in May with the NFL draft. These potential signings will have a largely positive effect, but they also come with the risk that is inherent in acquiring veterans at a price that is often inflated.

Here are five players whose buyer-beware risk level is especially high.


Michael Vick, QB

Vick is certainly the most talented free-agent quarterback in this year's class, but that is a relative term considering the overall lack of quality free-agent passers.

Over the past two seasons, Vick's 49.9 Total QBR ranks 22nd in the league. He also has a long history of injuries, starting in only 54 of the past 80 regular-season games the Eagles have played.