Are Pats AFC favorites with Revis?

No matter the jersey, Darrelle Revis remains one of the NFL's elite cornerbacks. Michael Thomas/Getty Images

Following the news that Darrelle Revis has signed a one-year, $12 million deal with the New England Patriots, Insider asked four of its experts to weigh in on whether there is any downside for the Pats, whether the terms of the contract were surprising, and if Revis' addition makes New England the favorite in the AFC.

Is there any downside to this deal for the Patriots?

Matt Williamson: If there is, I don't see it. This is a great player in the prime of his career who makes everyone around him better. Revis is a true lockdown cover man that more or less eliminates the opposing offense's top receiver. That is a tremendous tactical advantage, and Bill Belichick will know exactly how to exploit it. Logan Ryan or Alfonzo Dennard will get a ton of over-the-top help from Devin McCourty, who is one of the best in the business at doing exactly that. Plus, expect a lot more blitzing from Belichick now.