Draft impact of Schaub to Raiders

Following Adam Schefter's report that the Oakland Raiders are trading a late-round draft pick to the Houston Texans for quarterback Matt Schaub, Insider asked its NFL experts to weigh in on the potential draft ramifications for the Texans, Raiders and other teams considering taking a QB, in addition to whether they think this is a good move for Oakland.

What impact will this trade have on the 2014 NFL draft?

Todd McShay: I don't think this has any bearing on the Texans' draft decision-making, as it was expected that they would look to deal Schaub and pursue another veteran QB alternative, which they did this week by signing Ryan Fitzpatrick. These moves just set them up to do what a team drafting No. 1 should do: Either select the top QB on their board -- in my rankings, this is UCF's Blake Bortles -- if they think he can become their franchise QB, or, if they decide one of this class' elite talents in Jadeveon Clowney, Greg Robinson or Khalil Mack is too good to pass up, take one of those three players.