Jackson's big impact on Redskins

Following the news that DeSean Jackson has agreed to a contract with the Washington Redskins, Insider asked several of its NFL experts to weigh in on the impact Jackson will have in Washington, how they envision the NFC East race shaking out in 2014, and whether the Philadelphia Eagles will be fine without him.

Is the Jackson signing a good move for the Redskins?

Louis Riddick: It is a good move from an X's and O's perspective because of the attention Jackson will draw from opposing teams' coverages. It will give Pierre Garcon, Andre Roberts and Jordan Reed more one-on-one matchups and open up the running game for Alfred Morris since defenses will need to play more two-safety-high defenses and fewer eight-man fronts. This will allow the Redskins to be more balanced offensively, which in turn will help QB Robert Griffin III's overall efficiency. As far as the locker room/team dynamic, leaders such as new signee Ryan Clark will be crucial in making sure an example is set as far as how to be a true pro, and making sure that the players do their part in holding Jackson accountable. Rookie head coach Jay Gruden, along with management, will need to have all their bases covered with a plan to deal with any potential issues that could come up.