Projecting Browns' Manziel offense

How will the Browns' offense fare when Johnny Manziel eventually takes over under center? Elsa/Getty Images

No team was busier in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft than the Cleveland Browns. First the Browns traded back five spots from pick No. 4 in a deal that landed them the Bills' 2015 first-round pick, then they moved up a single spot to land the defensive player they coveted: cornerback Justin Gilbert, the eighth selection.

But the draft move that has the city of Cleveland buzzing was the decision to trade up once more -- perhaps with a little help -- this time from pick No. 26 to No. 22, netting the Browns the player they hope will be their quarterback of the future: Johnny Manziel.

It can be difficult to accurately compare draft prospects to current NFL players, but one name that has come up in the discussion about Manziel is Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III. Beyond the fact that each won the Heisman, both also possess uncommon athleticism and creativity for the position. And, as it turns out, Manziel's first coordinator in the NFL will be Kyle Shanahan, who happened to be Griffin's coordinator in his first two NFL seasons.

Although it's too soon to state with conviction how the Browns' offense will shape up -- Manziel hasn't even earned the starting job yet -- we can use Griffin's rookie season in 2012 to project some of the elements Shanahan will lean on when Manziel eventually becomes the starter.