Best NFL QBs by route type

Tom Brady was the NFL's best passer on slants, but Peyton Manning beat him on go routes. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Every year around draft time we hear that certain quarterbacks have the ability "to make all of the throws." The truth is, however, that every quarterback -- even those who receive such a descriptor -- has strengths and weaknesses. By analyzing our data at Pro Football Focus, we can break down success by route type and get a feel for each quarterback's skill set. We can see which quarterbacks specialize in certain types of routes, and which are mostly excellent across the board -- that is, which QBs are truly capable of "making all the throws."

Some QBs are better in the short game, while others are more proficient throwing the ball deep. Breaking down performance by route allows us to gauge each team's offensive scheme and how well each quarterback executes his respective offense. Here's a look at the best quarterbacks at each route type, using our grading system (explained here) from the 2013 season.

Crossing routes: Russell Wilson (+6.0)

The crossing route was a staple of the Seattle Seahawks' offense in 2013, particularly in the rollout game. Wilson threw 43 crossers on the season, 18 of which came on designed rollouts. At PFF we grade the quality of the throw and decision for the quarterback so the grades don't always match up with passer rating, but in this case, it's all square: Wilson's rating of 143.9 on crossing routes led the league, and he tied for the league lead with five touchdowns.