Seattle's offense is sneaky good

Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson have Seattle's offense firing on all cylinders again. Joe Nicholson/USA TODAY Sports

Which is better: the Seattle Seahawks' offense, or the Seattle Seahawks' defense?

You probably immediately answered "Defense!" That's the Legion of Boom, after all. Richard Sherman is on the cover of "Madden" this year. The Seattle defense is so deep that one of its backup linebackers won Super Bowl MVP.

Yet through the first five weeks of 2014, it's actually the Seattle offense that is doing more to drive the Seahawks' 3-1 record. This year the Seahawks rank second in Football Outsiders' offensive DVOA metric, trailing only the Denver Broncos. The defense is only fourth. (DVOA, or Defense-adjusted Value Over Average, is explained further here.)

Surprised? Don't be. Seattle has not suddenly gone from a one-sided defensive juggernaut to a balanced, all-around successful team. The Seahawks' offense has been good for three years now. Seattle ranked fourth in offensive DVOA in 2012 and seventh in 2013.

You know the big names: Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Percy Harvin. But did you know just how good the Seattle offense is, and how it works? Here are nine reasons the Super Bowl champions excel even when the Legion of Boom is on the sidelines.