British fan breaks world record for attending NFL stadiums

Filing-cabinet pizza & hot tubs highlight a World Record trip (2:28)

Jacob Barnor talks through the most interesting tailgate snacks he came across on during his World Record trip. (2:28)

A British fan has broken the world record for attending matches at every NFL stadium in the fastest time.

Jacob Barnor, from Leeds, managed to visit all 32 stadiums in the space of 84 days, beating the previous record of 86 days set in December 2016.

Barnor was presented with two Super Bowl tickets in his final game -- the Thanksgiving Day clash between Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints at the Superdome -- to recognise his achievement.

"I've been an NFL fan for nine to 10 years, played American football back in the UK and there were lots of stadiums I always wanted to go to," he told the Nat Coombs Podcast.

"I was looking it up to see if somebody had done all of the stadiums and I came across an article about someone who did and they broke the world record. I saw that and decided that would be insane if I could do that and after a while of thought I decided to give it a go."

"The first bit was the schedule so it dropped officially around 1 a.m. in the UK so I sat up until 5 to plan whether it was possible. After four or five hours, I found a couple of ways that worked and then picked one that worked. It was about four months of planning. From the schedule dropping in April, everything wasn't booked until mid-August. It's been a lot with accommodation, tickets, flights"

Barnor documented his three-month journey on social media and he was required to wear a GPS tracker at every match.

He also had to record video footage of the first and last plays and get a signature to confirm his attendance.

When asked on the podcast about his thoughts about the best tailgate, Barnor added: "I'd definitely have to say Buffalo. People up there are a different breed.

"I had a lot of people tell me that the Bills Mafia, that they would be crazy, and they definitely lived up to it. There were thousands of people at the tailgate when I went there. They bring this old 1980s Pinto, this big red car with all its original parts and they had food on the car.

"They had chicken skewers on screwdrivers, pizza cooking in a firing cabinet and at one point they opened a mailbox and there was a full chicken cooking in there. Detroit was also really good for a tailgate -- they even had a hot-tub to keep you warm in the cold Detroit weather."

Barnor also said he was impressed by Atlanta Falcons' Mercedes-Benz Stadium and also Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium.

Barnor was asked what his next world record could entail and he replied: "Somebody told me I should do as many games in one season as possible.

"Who knows. I might have to save up for a bit longer before I try anything else."