30 for 30 podcast -- The reinvention of New Orleans' cursed, blessed Superdome

Teaser: 30 for 30 Podcasts Season Six (0:37)

ESPN Films' 30 for 30 Podcasts will return for a sixth season with four all-new audio documentaries. The first episode will debut on Tuesday, November 12, with the others premiering every Tuesday through December 3. (0:37)

According to local legend, the Louisiana Superdome has always been haunted, built atop an abandoned cemetery, plagued by construction problems and bedeviling its home team, the New Orleans Saints. Their luck was so bad that by 2005, the Saints were prepared to abandon the stadium and move to San Antonio.

Then Hurricane Katrina hit, and everything changed.

A new episode of 30 for 30 podcasts intertwines the history of the Superdome with the history of New Orleans. After Katrina, the iconic stadium became the scene for real and invented horror stories for the displaced New Orleanians who sheltered there. But then the stadium became a potent symbol of the city's rebirth, a renaissance buoyed by a Saints team that went on to win the Super Bowl just a few years after its return to New Orleans in 2006.

For more on the dome, New Orleans and -- yes -- a voodoo ceremony that tried to cleanse the space of evil spirits, listen to "Cursed and Blessed," the fourth and final episode in the new season of 30 for 30 podcasts. Other episodes feature stories about a KGB spy, an abduction that derailed an Olympic hopeful's career and an audacious act of sabotage by a Chilean goalkeeper. You can listen for free, wherever you get your podcasts.

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