Cowboys' Jerry Jones cut off during radio interview for cursing twice

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Stephen A. Smith isn't bashful with his thoughts about Jason Garrett, saying he needs to be fired after the Cowboys' disappointing loss to the Bears. (1:05)

A day after the Dallas Cowboys lost their third straight game, a testy Jerry Jones addressed the team's issues during a radio interview that was cut off midway after he cursed twice.

Jones, the Cowboys' owner and general manager, told 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Friday that he deserves his share of the blame for the losing streak that has kept Dallas (6-7) from taking control of the NFC East.

"There's nobody in the NFL that's any more responsible for what's going on out on the field than me," Jones said. "I certainly have that kind of frustration as well."

The interview got off to a rocky start, with Jones telling the hosts to "get your damn act together" and saying he didn't like their attitude. Later in the interview, Jones used the word "bulls---" twice, leading the call to be disconnected after a delay button was used in each instance.

The station's program director confirmed the disconnect, saying Jones did not hang up.

After being reconnected, Jones said he understands the fans' frustration with both him and coach Jason Garrett. But the owner said it may not help to move on from Garrett at this time.

"You've got to remember that when you quit on your coach, then you quit on yourself, because we're all a part of this," Jones told the radio station.

The Cowboys lost 31-24 in Chicago on Thursday night and now have 10 days to prepare for the Los Angeles Rams. Jones said there's plenty of work to be done.

"When you have as many things that were off-kilter as we had last night, you've got a nice litany of places to start to correct," Jones said.