What happened when Marshawn Lynch, Sue Bird, Tom Brady and Drew Brees joined Peyton & Eli Manning on Monday Night Football

After three long weeks without Peyton and Eli Manning's Monday Night Football telecast, Week 7's installment more than made up for the hiatus.

Thanks to Marshawn Lynch -- who joined the broadcast in the first quarter with a sideways camera while eating a snack and promptly shared he had taken three shots of Hennessy -- the ManningCast will never be the same. While "Beast Mode" quickly cemented his place as the GOAT of guests, the lineup for the next three quarters wasn't too shabby either.

From Tom Brady cracking jokes about Rob Gronkowski to Sue Bird's thoughts on retirement and Drew Brees being burnt out on seeing Eli everywhere -- here is what we learned from the latest edition of the ManningCast:

Peyton lost a bet to Eli ...

Peyton Manning is a man of his word. On Monday, Peyton emerged on the telecast rocking his younger brother's college jersey. The fashion statement -- which was undoubtedly alarming to Tennessee fans who were out of the loop -- was a result of a bet between the brothers requiring whomever's alma mater lost when the Vols faced Ole Miss to wear the other's jersey.

Being forced to wear your rivals' jersey and getting chirped at about the size of your head? We wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Beast Mode is a national treasure ...

Marshawn Lynch is not the hero we deserve, but he's the one we need. In true Beast Mode fashion, his time on the ManningCast was ... memorable.

Upon joining the call, Lynch promptly informed the Manning brothers he had amended his normal pregame ritual of taking a shot and a half of Hennessy to account for "big bro" and "little bro" with a three-shot minimum.

Whether it be dissecting the Beast Quake or explaining why he would be a good fit in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' pass-heavy offense, the whole segment was as Marshawn as it gets.

Marshawn gets the people going ...

Did we mention Lynch's appearance was one for the books?

Damien Woody, Chris Long and Julian Edelman were just a few members of the sports world who turned to Twitter fingers to revel in the Beast Mode of it all.

... Yeah, what they said.

Tom Brady is gifting a fan bitcoin ...

In case you haven't been keeping up with the saga of Brady's 600th touchdown ball, the 44-year-old gave Peyton and Eli the scoop.

He also gave a lesson in the art of negotiation -- explaining that the fan to whom wide receiver Mike Evans accidentally gifted the ball shouldn't have handed it over until securing his demands.

That haul of gifts and a bitcoin? The fan made out OK.

Brady also used his time on the show to crack jokes at Peyton and Gronkowski's expense.

But Eli got the last laugh.

The Manning bros can't help from chirping each other ...

And what would a ManningCast be without Eli laying into Peyton about his pit stains?

We'll give Peyton the benefit of the doubt and go with Gatorade bath on this one.

That's coach Bird to you ...

Sue Bird, legendary point guard ... and coach? The Manning bros showed a clip from a Seattle Storm game in which Bird was not only quarterbacking the offense on the court, but calling the plays on the sideline.

They also took a minute to admire Bird's impressive résumé, which includes two more WNBA titles than the Super Bowl rings that Peyton and Eli have to their names.

When Peyton broached the subject of retirement, the 41-year-old explained, "Luckily free agency doesn't start for a while so I have some time to think." Adding that after experiencing the Seattle Kraken's opening game at Climate Pledge Arena on Saturday night, returning for the Storm's first season in the new arena is "tempting."

Drew Brees' kids stayed up to see Peyton and Eli ...

Drew Brees is a future Hall of Famer, but that doesn't mean his kids weren't still hyped about the prospect of saying "hi" to Peyton and Eli Manning.

Brees being photobombed by his kids was the wholesome content we needed.

What the New Orleans Saints' legend doesn't need? More celebrations of Eli Manning. Brees was quick to troll Eli for all of the jersey retirements and celebratory ceremonies he has been honored with lately.

The Manning bros are back in Week 8. Until then, we'll be contemplating what it's going to take to get Lynch back on the ManningCast every week.