Where could Terrelle Pryor go?

When Tim Tebow was going through the NFL evaluation process, I was pretty hard on him. I thought he had major mechanical work to do with his throwing motion; I didn't believe he was at all ready to make the tight-window throws NFL offenses demand; and when he was drafted so high, while it didn't surprise any of us, I thought it was a mistake in terms of value. But I'd also talked to Tebow and was always really impressed with his attitude. He said he wanted the chance to be an NFL quarterback, but if he failed, you could put him somewhere else. He just wanted that shot, and given his track record, he absolutely deserved it.

Terrelle Pryor can learn a lot from Tebow's stance, not merely about attitude, but for marketability. Because while Pryor has been a successful quarterback at the college level, he is nowhere near ready to be an NFL quarterback. And if he's going to take the stance that quarterback is the only position he'll consider playing, he totally diminishes his value.

So when could he be drafted?