Mark Sanchez needs more help

Mark Sanchez struggled mightily against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1. Elsa/Getty Images)

After the end of the 2004 season, then-Green Bay Packers president Bob Harlan had a tough decision to make.

Head coach (and general manager) Mike Sherman was coming off a season in which the Green and Gold battled back from a slew of injuries and a 1-4 start to win the NFC North title for the third consecutive year. As impressive as this accomplishment was, Harlan realized he had to take the general manager title away from Sherman because his workaholic ways were negatively impacting his performance.

Harlan knew that although an organization will ask its employees to give as much of themselves as possible, it also has to know when their workload is becoming too much for them to handle. This was the case with Sherman, and when Harlan tried to get him to cut back on some of the nonessential items (he would even show up at scouting events held at the most remote locations imaginable), Sherman wouldn't. So Harlan had to make the difficult choice to cut Sherman's workload.

The New York Jets may be creating their own lesson in overburdening a willing employee. This is certainly the case in how they've put together the offensive personnel helping Mark Sanchez this season.

This reality might be lost in the Jets' euphoria following their 27-24 comeback win against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night, but the fact remains that there are numerous metric and scouting reasons to believe the personnel changes made by New York this offseason were so detrimental that they will almost certainly stunt Sanchez's professional growth in the short term.