Houston Texans overrated so far

The Houston Texans haven't beaten any great teams this season. So why are they ranked No. 5? Icon SMI

Each week this season, Chris Sprow will consult with Vegas experts such as Jay Kornegay of the Vegas Hilton, use projection systems such as AccuScore and dive into the numbers to point out which teams the human voters are over- and underselling.

Find me a movie that is willing to dump any sense of science, reason or plot flow because it would detract from the entertainment value, and I'll play along. "Demolition Man" is a great, absurd movie. Don't be held hostage by critics who can't get over the idea that in a futuristic, utopian society, the only restaurant is Taco Bell. (Hello -- it survived the franchise wars!) Or that in a world where the police can detect the sound of your voice down to a whisper and ticket you for cursing, a savage underground society that operates like an unpoliced Mardi Gras can exist three feet below the city streets.

Two weeks into the season, the NFL is already entering the realm of the absurd plot if you really want to rank teams based only on wins and losses. We'll play along, of course, but arguments get messy. Jacksonville beat the Titans, who then beat the Ravens, a week after the Ravens beat Pittsburgh by 28 points. But the Jaguars were smoked by the Jets on Sunday. Of course, the Jets should have lost at home to Dallas -- New York's win odds midway through the fourth quarter were down to 4 percent -- and the Cowboys could have lost to San Francisco. And the Niners were less impressive against Seattle than the Steelers, who lost to the Ravens, who lost to the Titans, who -- you get the point.

We're just entering Week 3, and it's a demolition zone. If you need a pure logic, don't tune in to the NFL. But a closer look at the numbers shows at least some holes in the new power rankings:


Houston Texans

Power Rankings slot: 5
Win projection average: 9.2
Super Bowl odds: 12-1