NFL's most erratic quarterbacks

Tony Romo has been pummeled by the press, but Dallas' losses aren't all his fault. Ronald Martinez/Getty Image

In the poker game that is quarterbacking, nobody seems to double up one minute only to drop a monster pot the next more often than Tony Romo. Already this year, the Romo-coaster has engineered a wild ride of results: the made-for-TV meltdown against the New York Jets; a rib "tickling" comeback against the San Francisco 49ers; a Monday night escape against the Washington Redskins when he repeatedly chased down errant snaps like a cat herder; the pair of pick-sixes that started an impossible Detroit Lions rally.

And they all felt like a big stage. This, we hear, is typical Romo -- it's not like the national camera simply swings to his table every time he's in a wild hand. This is how he plays: fast and loose.

There's just one problem. It's not really true. He's not extremely erratic. In fact, Romo probably should have kicked that label in 2009.