Tim Tebow can succeed now ...

Tim Tebow has the game to win now in the NFL; the question is can he win in the future? Ric Tapia/Icon SMI

I've been asked a lot during the last year and half about how good I think Tim Tebow can be as an NFL player. Can he be great? Will he fail? Can he adapt to the NFL game? Can an NFL offense adapt to him? And by now I know there's a trick I can offer both fans and critics. If you want my analysis on why he can be a successful NFL player now, listen up for a minute. If you want the other part, the doubt that creeps in when I wonder about whether he can sustain it, the critic in me on this subject, I'll wink, and you can either start to tune in, or tune me out.

Everybody wins. And I think Tebow can too -- it's just a matter of for how long. So follow along and I'll make it clear on what part you should read. But I can promise you this, in 11 games, we'll have an answer we can agree on.