The NFL's biggest rebuilding projects

Miami receiver Brandon Marshall could use some help as the Dolphins rebuild this offseason. AP Photo/Julio Cortez

When I considered teams that require the most rebuilding, the goal was to figure out what might be the toughest pieces to add at key position groups. Quarterback obviously tops the list, which makes a team like the St. Louis Rams not really a candidate for a rebuild -- and they have some other good pieces too -- because it seems as if they have a sustainable answer at that position. So this isn't a look at the worst teams in the league but more about which teams still have too many voids.

Miami Dolphins

Biggest needs: Quarterback, wide receiver, right tackle, pass-rushing defensive end, ball-hawking safety, cornerback depth

There's simply no way around it: Quarterback is the Dolphins' biggest problem. With what looks to be a dismal 2011 season, Miami is a virtual lock to pick early in the 2012 NFL Draft, so they might have a shot at a blue-chip prospect. They are long overdue to add such a player and should certainly make this priority No. 1 on draft day.

Depending how the rest of this season plays out, keeping quarterbacks Chad Henne, Matt Moore or Sage Rosenfels could be logical -- at the right price. Otherwise, a solid veteran quarterback will be needed. Certainly he will keep the starting job warm for the first-round pick, but he will also be called on to tutor the young prospect.