Green Bay's dynasty path

Green Bay's success hasn't been about drafting talented players like Raji, but developing them. Jeff Hanisch/US Presswire

Want a total misconception about the current success of the Green Bay Packers? Start with Aaron Rodgers.

One narrative you've heard is about how Rodgers fell down the draft board, and the team, despite its then-health at the quarterback position, drafted him and had to let him hold the clipboard until he was ready. He was talented and ready to start somewhere else, but, blocked by Brett Favre, Rodgers waited. The team would face the annual conundrum of what to do -- maintain the current success, or dive into the future? It waited. So now the current Packers are Super Bowl champions, and, because of the great patience Green Bay showed, they were rewarded.

And this is nice, if only it were 100 percent true.