Denver all in on Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow's style of play has caused the Broncos to overhaul their offensive approach. Christopher Hanewinckel/US Presswire

It's hard for people to understand the kind of investment it takes to be really good in the modern passing game. The symmetry between all the moving parts is extremely complex. The protections, the timing on the routes, the length on the drops to create the passing lanes -- it takes, literally, thousands of reps to get it right. Repetition is the mother of all learning, and when you talk to quarterbacks who make it all look easy, as if the play is executed perfectly after being drawn up on the palm in the huddle, you understand it further.

Ask Aaron Rodgers, who this week described to ESPN The Magazine his biggest toss in the Super Bowl as one he's thrown "100 times in practice. Same exact route." Not a play, or a formation -- but one route within one specific play, 100 times.

Now think about what the Denver Broncos have done.

Since they decided to start Tim Tebow, Denver hasn't just dabbled in the read-option look, something you're more used to seeing on Saturdays. No, the Broncos have fully embraced it. We're seeing something that goes beyond a mere commitment to the run. Tebow himself ran the ball 22 times last week, a figure not seen from a quarterback in decades. No, Denver has played this hand, and played it with commitment. And what I described before, the precision of the modern passing game? The Broncos have ditched it. And in the process, they might be more all-in with Tebow than they realize.