The risk of RG3 at No. 2

Robert Griffin III's stock got a huge boost when Matt Barkley decided to return to USC. AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

INDIANAPOLIS -- Early in 2007, Stanford was showing interest in two highly regarded high school quarterbacks playing just about three hours apart in Texas. Andrew Luck committed on June 30, well before his senior year, and Stanford's recruitment of that other Texas QB, Robert Griffin III, slowed. Griffin had many suitors, waited until after his senior season and committed to nearby Baylor.

Here we go again.

Four-plus years later, Luck and Griffin will again be in proximity and preferred in the same order, land with new teams in the same order, again in similar fashion -- Luck decided well ahead of time, Griffin later, and via the result of a battle among suitors.

According to Adam Schefter, that bidding war might have already begun, with teams calling the St. Louis Rams about their No. 2 pick.

Although the sequence worked out just fine the first time based on where we are today, there is evidence that a team could get burned if it overspends for Griffin.