The Redskins' big gamble

The Redskins gave up a lot for the opportunity to draft Robert Griffin III. Patrick Green/Icon SMI

After abandoning Jason Campbell, the Washington Redskins have spent the past two seasons wallowing in aging mediocrity at the quarterback position. After Saturday's deal with the St. Louis Rams, they no longer have to worry about that.

By our Lewin Forecast System, Robert Griffin III -- the likely pick at the position, barring an evaluation reversal from the Indianapolis Colts -- is one of the best quarterback prospects of the past 15 years. That doesn't make him a sure-fire NFL success, nor does it guarantee that he'll necessarily be one of the best in the league, but he's certainly a much safer bet than most QBs.

However, even if Griffin does develop into an elite QB, the price Washington had to pay for the opportunity to draft him makes this deal a risky one for the Redskins.