Browns should consider McNabb

Donovan McNabb could be the perfect solution for the Cleveland Browns at QB. Getty Images

Donovan McNabb? Really? The Browns just drafted Brandon Weeden with the No. 22 overall pick, aren't even certain that Colt McCoy isn't a viable NFL quarterback and have a young, improved roster. So you suggest a dumpster dive, the quarterbacking equivalent of a search through a pile of discarded lottery tickets in the hope that someone missed a winner?

As Dr. Peter Venkman asked, that's your plan?

Well, if Browns decision-makers could admit that a "succession plan" that involves handing the keys from one young failed starter to one untested rookie is more hope than solution, then yes. If they could admit that a little clipboard marinating would actually increase Weeden's chances to succeed, not derail them, then yes. If they consider that McNabb knows the elements of a Brad Childress offense as well or better than any quarterback alive -- and that McNabb openly endorses the guy -- then yes.

Let's consider the evidence.

Pushing Weeden isn't a 'plan'