Top 200 Big Book rookie additions

Andrew Luck has had a strong preseason so far for the Indianapolis Colts. Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

This year's Big Book has a number of second-year players. Von Miller and Aldon Smith already show up on scouting reports as guys you have to account for on every play; J.J. Watt has become a beast in the 3-4; and A.J. Green is already potentially dominant at wide receiver. Cam Newton has made his mark, and Tyron Smith has shown he's ready for left tackle duty at the ripe old age of 22. Now, each of those guys was a first-round pick, so it's not a shock that there are early returns. In each case, a guy was drafted high and expected to fill a void early on.

But for this exercise, I'll point out -- at each position -- players who might be the obvious answer, plus a dark-horse candidate who could jump into the mix by 2013.


The obvious call … Andrew Luck: The league adjusted to Newton the thrower in the second half of last season. I expect Luck to see teams adjust, then adjust back and get better every week.