Packers, Jets good fits for Hoyer

There has been no shortage of recognizable names on Friday's NFL cut lists, Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch and first-round bust Vernon Gholston among them. But to me, the most intriguing name from Cut Day 2012 is backup New England Patriots QB Brian Hoyer.

Hoyer is a good player, and coach Bill Belichick doesn't let good players walk away for nothing without more than one good reason. So right away I think this move tells us two things: 1) New England isn't worried in the slightest about a rapid decline from Tom Brady. If it was, Hoyer is the type of stop-gap insurance policy that could still give a talented team like New England a playoff shot even absent its star QB. 2) The Pats are absolutely on board with Ryan Mallett, and he could very well be Brady's heir apparent.

You may be thinking about a third conclusion -- Hoyer isn't very good -- but I definitely disagree on that score. In fact, I think he'd fit very nicely with a number of NFL teams.