Falcons offense becoming elite

Perhaps overshadowed between the sensational Sunday debut of Robert Griffin III and the impressive "Monday Night Football" performance of Joe Flacco, Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan helped author one of Week 1's best offensive showings by taking apart the Kansas City Chiefs. The No. 10 offense in terms of yards per game in 2011, I think Week 1 showed us that Ryan and his fleet-footed teammates are about to take their high-flying act to new heights in 2012 and establish themselves as one of the truly elite offenses in the NFL.

It starts with the personnel. The Falcons can beat you in so many ways. We always knew they could run with Michael Turner and Jason Snelling, but the days of Turner getting 25 to 30 carries are done. It's the growth in the passing game that has taken the Falcons' attack to the next level.