Can Jay Cutler become Brett Favre?

Can Jay Cutler become as good as Brett Favre was in his NFL career? AP Photo, Getty Images

This is the story of a quarterback, an emotional, fiery, rocket-armed passer from the South. Things didn't work out with his first NFL team, so he was traded to the Great Lakes region, where he spent several seasons displaying his prodigious talent, as well as a tendency to gamble, taking unnecessary risks that at times cost his team games. Years of highs and lows sometimes resulted in wins but rarely in greatness, leaving the quarterback and his fan base frustrated and disappointed.

This is the story of Jay Cutler, but so far, it also sounds like the story of Brett Favre.

It's often forgotten that Favre started his career in Atlanta before a trade to Green Bay, where he led the league in interceptions and ended three straight seasons with postseason losses to the Dallas Cowboys. Eventually Favre was able to fully develop his potential, cut down his turnovers, lead the league in touchdowns three times, reach two Super Bowls (winning one) and become the all-time leader in every major passing category. Optimistic Chicago Bears fans like to draw comparisons between Cutler and Favre, hoping their quarterback will take a similar leap.

But are those comparisons valid?