New York Jets are overrated

The New York Jets have some problems on offense ... and now on defense as well. Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

We're at the stage of the season where a missed field goal here, a dropped pass there or, say, a bad officiating call on the final play of the game could be the difference between a team having a winning or losing record.

So while it's easy to get lost in a teams' win-loss record after three games, there's more to garner by looking at the manner of how teams have played. At least that's what I'm telling myself, as the team I billed as overrated last week -- the Atlanta Falcons -- responded with an impressive performance against the San Diego Chargers.

But this week will be different. Let's look at the most overrated and underrated team this week in ESPN's NFL Power Rankings.

Overrated -- New York Jets

They may have picked up the win over Miami, but that was the kind of game where everyone (fans of good football especially) lost. Since an opening-week victory, the Jets have been on a mission to remind people just how bad they were to close 2011.

As with every team, let's start at the quarterback -- or quarterbacks in this case. The Tim Tebow experiment seems like a recurring nightmare, serving to add nothing to an offense except disrupting the rhythm of an already skittish Mark Sanchez. His adjusted accuracy rating (excluding throwaways, hits as thrown, batted passes and spikes while including drops) is 59.6 percent, the lowest of any starting quarterback.