Can Saints and Packers rebound?

Can Drew Brees' Saints and Aaron Rodgers' Packers turn things around after rough starts? AP Photo

If you took a look at the Week 4 schedule sometime before this NFL season started, the New Orleans Saints' trip to Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers would have to be considered the marquee matchup on the slate. Two of the past three Super Bowl champions. Teams that combined to go 28-4 in 2011 before disappointing losses in the divisional playoffs. Former Super Bowl MVP quarterbacks who led video-game offenses and finished 1-2 in the MVP voting.

With the Saints opening with three teams that averaged six wins in 2011 and the Packers starting off with two home games and an "easy" matchup against a Seattle squad starting a rookie quarterback, you might have thought this would be a matchup of two 3-0 teams vying for early-season NFC supremacy.

As Chris Berman would say, "That's why they play the games!" Both teams suffered heartbreaking defeats in Week 3; the Saints coughed up an 18-point second-half lead at home, and the Packers … well, let's not dwell on it now that the replacement referees are gone. The teams are a combined 1-5 heading into Sunday's game.

Let's look at how Green Bay and New Orleans are struggling so far, and what the numbers say about their chances of getting back on track.