Rookie Watch: Morris suits Skins

Alfred Morris is exactly what Mike Shanahan looks for at running back. Shanahan wants a physical, downhill runner who does not put the ball on the ground and stays strong for 60 minutes.

Speed can be compromised for these traits and toughness. Morris fits this mold perfectly. Having a great running quarterback in the same backfield can help a running back's production a great deal, but Morris' tape speaks for itself -- and he did play very well with Robert Griffin III out of the lineup in Week 5.

But a question with Morris lingers. Is he the long-term answer at the position for Shanahan, or does Washington look to upgrade in the offseason? Although Morris will never be confused with Adrian Peterson or Trent Richardson, I think Washington should, and will, view Morris as the answer for at least one more year. He has proved capable of being a plus player at the position, and if he continues to show these bell-cow traits, Washington would be best served to use its limited offseason resources to improve other areas.