Luck is highest-impact QB

Andrew Luck helps his team the most, but which QB hurts his team the most? AP Photo/Michael Conroy

You ever notice how teams like to pretend that quarterbacks don't matter as much as they really do? NFL coaches love to talk about how their squads have to establish a ground game, or stop the run, or make sure they account for a particular running back or receiver ... but they never just come out and say, "Our big superstar quarterback just has to keep bombing away until we bury the other guys."

The truth is, of course, that quarterback skill is nearly synonymous with team achievement. In matchups since 2008, the team with the higher Total Quarterback Rating has won a staggering 85 percent of games, according to ESPN Stats & Information. And in the early going in 2012, there have been a bunch of quarterbacks with extreme influence on their teams, as well as some interesting exceptions to the rule -- quarterbacks who stand apart from their offense. Who has made the biggest impact on his team, for better or worse? The answer is Andrew Luck.