Don't give up on Philadelphia yet

Andy Reid's Philadelphia Eagles have more going for them than it appears. Rich Schultz /Getty Images

The NFL season is only six weeks old yet there are already calls for major changes across the league.

Fans in Kansas City want a new quarterback; many Titans backers are as just as fed up with Chris Johnson as the people who have been struggling with him on their fantasy football rosters; and the change in the Cleveland Browns organization has already started with the recent announcement that new team owner Jimmy Haslam has named Joe Banner as the Browns CEO to replace the retiring Mike Holmgren.

As notable as those items are, the biggest call for change by far at this point of the 2012 season has to be Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid firing defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.

In some ways this is the type of move that smacks of desperation and might be seen as a precursor to Reid eventually getting fired at season's end.

For those getting ready for Reid's dismissal, however, a word of warning is in order. As frustrating as this campaign has been, when the entirety of the evidence is reviewed, it is clear that the Eagles' playoff chances -- and thus Reid's future in Philadelphia -- are actually quite strong.

To illustrate this, let's look at the Eagles' offense and defense on a platoon-by-platoon basis.

Pass defense

This was the area that failed to hold the Detroit Lions in check and cost Castillo his job, yet it isn't hard to find strong points here.