Next steps for Skins, RG3

The NFL is just beginning to see the kind of QB Robert Griffin III can be. Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Washington Redskins were unable to pull off the upset against the New York Giants in New York, but the Giants really didn't stop the Redskins' offense, Robert Griffin III in particular, for much of the afternoon.

So where is Griffin in his development now?

We cannot discuss Griffin and the Redskins' offense without first addressing their running game. Like all Mike Shanahan offenses, this is a run-first attack, and everything stems off that zone-movement running game. Amazingly, Washington has 13 straight games with at least 100 yards rushing. Griffin benefits tremendously from the running game, and the running game is improved by Griffin's abilities as well. Of course, much of this is just the fact that Griffin is an amazing athlete and is often the fastest player on the field.

Clearly, he is great with the ball in his hands, and the Redskins call plenty of designed quarterback runs. But just his presence makes defending Alfred Morris -- a perfect downhill, no-nonsense running back for Shanahan's system -- even tougher. And that is especially true on runs between the tackles, as edge defensive players have to hold their ground a pulse longer for fear that Griffin pulls the ball out of Morris' gut and quickly takes off around the edge. Morris gashed the Giants, and Shanahan has been masterful with his play calling, getting the most out of Griffin's immense, but developing, abilities.