Dallas' issues aren't all on Romo

If Tony Romo looked around, he'd see Dallas' issues aren't all on him. Matthew Emmons/US PRESSWIRE

There isn't a fan base in America that is more dissatisfied with what I would consider a very good quarterback. But, as the country saw Sunday, Tony Romo can be maddening.

Has he played well this year? No, for the most part, he has not, but Romo has played far better than the public has perceived. Should the Dallas Cowboys part ways with Romo after this season and go a different direction at the most important position on the field? Absolutely not.

True, Romo is not Roger Staubach or Troy Aikman, but he isn't Blaine Gabbert or Matt Cassel, either. Cowboys fans, be careful what you wish for in wanting Romo out of town. A double-digit number of teams would kill to have Romo behind center right now. Just think of the San Francisco 49ers or Seattle Seahawks with Romo at quarterback.

But let's dissect what the problems are right now with Romo and Dallas' offense overall.