Chicago Bears are overrated

Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears offense has yet to get on track this year. AP Photo/LM Otero

It's time again for Pro Football Focus to run our analytical eye over the ESPN NFL Power Rankings to ensure nobody is getting too optimistic about some teams or overly negative about others as we hit the halfway mark of the 2012 NFL season.

The postseason picture is starting to take shape, and from here on in we are going to hear the terms "playoff implications" with ever-increasing regularity, so let's run our audit over this week's rankings and identify a team that is overrated and one that is underrated and see what lies ahead for both.

Overrated -- Chicago Bears (No. 5)

In our "extra points" last week, we pointed out that the Bears have yet to beat anybody with a winning record. After stumbling past the Carolina Panthers, they still haven't, and they made beating a one-win team look very difficult.