What's wrong with Eli's offense?

Eli Manning has been held to fewer than 200 passing yards in three of the past four games. AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

The New York Giants have the kind of offense you usually can count on, with a dynamic quarterback who might be the best finisher in the NFL. But the reliability has disappeared in recent weeks.

In the past two games, Eli Manning is a pedestrian 25-for-53 with no touchdowns and two interceptions. In the past three games, he has four interceptions. The offense looks out of sync on film, and there doesn't seem to be anything on which it can hang its hat. The Giants might be as confused as the rest of us. So, how can they fix this offense and get back on track? Let's look at five areas we can analyze:

1. How are teams defending this passing game?

Manning has been bothered by more tight man-to-man coverages than he is used to seeing. The Giants' receivers are not great against physical press coverages. When you reroute them at the line of scrimmage, it really disrupts the timing of this passing game.