The Eagles' QB conundrum

Nick Foles will need time to develop, so why not start the clock now? Howard Smith/US Presswire

The Eagles' season is over, and it's likely that Andy Reid's tenure as Philadelphia's head coach is as well.

That's not all the wreckage from Philadelphia's loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. Michael Vick suffered a concussion, and his stay as the Eagles' starting quarterback could be in jeopardy.

For now, Reid is saying that Vick will remain the starter if he passes the necessary concussion tests. But if passed tests are followed with inconsistent play, Nick Foles, a third-round pick out of Arizona, could get a chance to prove himself as a starting quarterback. What differences in the Eagles' offense should we expect if Foles does indeed take over the starting job? Let's take a closer look at how Philadelphia would change with Foles.