2012 NFL Playoffs Predictor

The first half of the year is over and we're seeing surprises week in and week out. Just this past week, we saw an undefeated Atlanta Falcons team lose to the written-off New Orleans Saints, three separate starting quarterbacks were diagnosed with concussions and we even saw a tie. All of those events could have a profound impact on the upcoming NFL playoff chase.

As Nate Silver did for the 2012 election, we do for the 2012 NFL season. Using the mythical powers of math, we let you know first who will be in and who will be out of this year's postseason.

Below is a projection of who will be in this year's playoffs. Be sure to come back each week as we update the projection with the latest results. And once the playoffs begin, we'll reset the bracket and tell you who has the best chance to bring home the Lombardi trophy.