Time to replace Philip Rivers?

Should a lousy season have Philip Rivers looking over his shoulder? Christopher Hanewinckel/US Presswire

It's never fun when your team is out of the playoff race before Thanksgiving, but sadly, it looks as though it's going to be a gloomy holiday season for San Diego Chargers fans this year. A 30-23 loss to the Denver Broncos last weekend stuck a knife in the heart of San Diego's AFC West championship aspirations, and a wild-card berth seems like a long shot too.

The most disappointing player in powder blue? It might be quarterback Philip Rivers, who is giving up sacks and interceptions like never before. With the most important position in football suddenly unstable in San Diego, is it time for the Chargers to find a new passer? And if not, what changes must be made to contend for a playoff berth in 2013?