NFL's biggest underachievers

Things haven't gone exactly as planned for Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles this season. Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs share the NFL's worst record at 2-11, but they took distinctly different routes to arrive at that unfortunate destination. The Jaguars had only five wins in 2011, and haven't had a winning record since 2007. The Chiefs won seven games last season, and were a playoff team the year before that. With arguably their best players on offense and defense returning from ACL injuries, Kansas City was expected to contend for the postseason again in 2012. Things have clearly not gone as planned, making the Chiefs one of the league's top underachievers.

Here's a closer look at what went wrong for Kansas City and four other teams that Football Outsiders expected to vie for playoff spots, but instead will finish at .500 or worse. Is there hope for next season for any of them?

Philadelphia Eagles

What was supposed to happen? The Eagles were supposed to address a lot of the things they got wrong in the so-called "Dream Team" debacle of 2010. The trade of Asante Samuel to Atlanta would clear a spot in the starting lineup for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and allow defensive coordinator Juan Castillo to use more of the press-man coverage concepts he prefers.