Titans should cut Chris Johnson

Monday night was a perfect example of the inconsistency Chris Johnson has displayed in his career. Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The nation saw the best and the worst of Chris Johnson on Monday night. The Tennessee Titans running back broke free for a 94-yard touchdown in the second quarter, showing once again that he's a threat to score from literally anywhere on the field. However, his other 20 carries netted only 28 yards, with no other first downs, showing once again that he can't be relied upon to carry an offense by himself. It's always one extreme or the other for Johnson, and that means his team will have to choose from one of two extremes after the season.

As ESPN's Adam Schefter reported, the Titans will be able to cut Johnson after the season without any financial repercussions. If they don't cut him, though, they'll owe him $9 million in guaranteed money for 2013. Given Johnson's inconsistent performance, his advancing age (among players at his position, anyway) and the way running backs have been devalued in this era, Tennessee's best move would be to cut Johnson and invest that money elsewhere.