Russell Wilson on path to stardom

Batted passes have not been a problem for the 5-foot-11 Russell Wilson. Michael Zagaris/Getty Images

There's a definitive case to be made for the best rookie quarterback over the past four weeks, and his last name isn't Griffin or Luck.

Nope, neither of the top two 2012 draft choices has surpassed the recent performance of Russell Wilson, the Seahawks signal-caller whose recent surge should have him in the mix for offensive rookie of the year consideration.

How good has Wilson been over the past four weeks? He twice has led the NFL in total QBR, a metric designed to take into account all relevant aspects of a quarterback's performance, not a calculation limited to passing statistics.

In Week 15, when Wilson helped guide his team to its second 50-point effort in as many weeks, he recorded a 99.3 QBR, the highest in the NFL this season and fifth best since 2008, the start of the QBR database.

Debating whether Wilson is a bona fide long-term NFL starter (which some did early this season) is futile -- he's a rising star. But what has contributed to his rise is where the intrigue peaks.