Tony Romo vs. Robert Griffin III

Will it be Griffin III or Romo who leads his team to the NFC East title this weekend? US Presswire

It all comes down to this: Redskins versus Cowboys; rookie versus veteran; Robert Griffin III versus Tony Romo.

Beyond bragging rights, this winner-take-all showdown will result in the victor being crowned NFC East champion, while the loser faces the possibility of watching postseason football rather than playing it.

Both Romo and RG III will have a huge impact on the game's outcome. But who's got the edge? Here's an examination of several key QB areas to find out which team has the advantage.

Playing under pressure

It is an inevitable part of life in the NFL that, as a quarterback, one of your blockers is going to get beat or a blitzer is going to charge through protection untouched. How well quarterbacks respond in these pressure situations often separates good ones from great ones.

This season, RG III has faced more pressure than Romo (on 35.2 percent of drop-backs compared to 30.9 percent), and RG III has handled pressure better. In fact, there isn't a quarterback in the league who is as accurate as Griffin while under duress, as the Redskins rookie has an adjusted accuracy percentage of 78.4 percent. Romo ranks No. 16 in the category at 58.2 percent and has an 8-to-8 touchdown-to-interception ratio in pressure situations (compared to RG III's 5-to-2 mark).