Rookie Watch: Can't deny Wilson

If the season ended today, Russell Wilson would be my Offensive Rookie of the Year. Actually, he was some experts' pick for the award as well -- but I can't begin to pretend that I expected Wilson to be this good this soon.

What he has done so far is remarkable. That isn't to say that he is clearly ahead of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, but right now, Wilson has to be the top rookie overall. Early in the season, the Seahawks were a very run-heavy offense, relying on Marshawn Lynch to bludgeon the opponent and their great defense to set the tone. They more or less asked Wilson to be a caretaker and make a few plays each game without turning the ball over.

That formula worked very well, but it became obvious Wilson was capable of having more on his plate. As the season has progressed, that is exactly what Seattle has done. It has become an offense based around its quarterback as much as Lynch. With more asked of him, Wilson has become better, and he still doesn't turn over the ball with much regularity.