Poor moves caused Jets' decline

Mike Tannenbaum's recent moves left the Jets depleted. Rich Barnes/US Presswire

The New York Jets are a mess. And with the news of GM Mike Tannenbaum's firing Monday, it will now be someone else's mess to clean up.

But how did the Jets descend so rapidly from a team with back-to-back appearances in the AFC Championship Game to their current state as a 2012 sideshow? The poor play of Mark Sanchez is at the forefront of their issues, but the roster has been on the decline for three years, and this season's rock-bottom fall was much more predictable than many will acknowledge.

Looking back at the past few years of personnel decisions by the Jets, we see far more misses than hits. As a whole, it is quite an indictment of Tannenbaum's moves -- particularly when you consider the rival New England Patriots' sustained position atop the AFC East standings year after year.