Ranking playoff positional groups

It doesn't get better at QB than Peyton Manning -- or at LB than Patrick Willis. USA TODAY Sports

You can never predict what is going to happen in the NFL playoffs. A muffed punt here or a missed tackle there could decide a playoff game.

However, you can look at each playoff team's positional units to see which squads have advantages (and disadvantages) -- and where they have them.

Pro Football Focus charts every play of every game, and uses that data to inform our player grading. Based on a season's worth of studying, here's our ranking of the top and bottom positional units on both offense and defense among the 12 playoff teams.


Top six: Broncos, Packers, Patriots, Falcons, Seahawks, Redskins

The real shocker here is that joining three Super Bowl MVPs are three quarterbacks yet to taste victory in the playoffs. Two of them are rookies, with Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III making a mockery of that tag (Wilson finished in the top five in our grading system). Both rookies also finished in the top four in our adjusted accuracy percentage stat, with RG III (79.6 percent) slightly behind Aaron Rodgers and Wilson (77.1 percent) ahead of guys such as Tom Brady and Matt Ryan.