Why Jets should cut Mark Sanchez

Tim Tebow is no longer with the New York Jets. Could Mark Sanchez be the next to be cut? Getty Images, Icon SMI

There are times when giving someone another chance is the right thing to do. Bill Parcells deserved another shot after the disaster that was the New York Giants' 1983 season. Tom Landry was rightfully given a follow-up opportunity after the Dallas Cowboys' disastrous 0-11-1 campaign in 1960. The Oakland Raiders even went so far as to offer quarterback Jim Plunkett a third shot at NFL success after the debacles that were his stints with the New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers -- and he paid them back with two Super Bowl wins.

It can be argued whether the New York Jets should have given Tim Tebow the benefit of the doubt before unceremoniously cutting him, but it is perfectly clear the Jets also need to cut Mark Sanchez.

Just about every metric area agrees with this assessment.

Let's start with the basics. Sanchez finished the 2012 season tied for 30th in completion percentage (54.3), yards per attempt (6.36) and interceptions (18), and finished tied for 31st in interception percentage (4.0).