Red Flags: NFC North

The Chicago Bears still need some receiving help outside of Brandon Marshall. Mike Carter/USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the 2013 version of Insider's offseason staple series: Red Flags. This is the sixth of an eight-part examination in which Football Outsiders identifies the biggest remaining issue for every NFL team, division by division, after the NFL draft.

Here is the Outsiders' look at the NFC North:

Chicago Bears: Wide receiver

Bears general manager Phil Emery and new head coach Marc Trestman deserve credit for attacking their weaknesses aggressively in both the draft and in free agency. While big signing Jermon Bushrod is far from an elite tackle, and his Pro Bowls probably should be viewed as a second slot the NFC used on Drew Brees, he's a definite upgrade over the dreck the Bears have been using at left tackle for years. The cascade effect of his signing is that J'Marcus Webb, part of the aforementioned dreck, will get a chance to play on the right side against pass-rushers that are generally weaker than those who gave him major problems as a starter for the past couple of seasons.