Early look at new Eagles offense

Stabilizing the quarterback position will be key to the success of the Eagles' offense. AP Photo/Michael Perez

PHILADELPHIA -- The much-anticipated debut of Chip Kelly's offensive attack in Philadelphia took place Friday night, yielding 22 points in a preseason loss to the Patriots.

But let's not focus on the end result of the game; after all, wins and losses in the preseason carry little weight. More important is the opportunity for teams to rep the plays, concepts, formations and alignments they've worked tirelessly on throughout the offseason and in training camp.

Let's focus on the offense, what we saw, how it operated and what we can reasonably expect going forward. Small sample size or not, Friday night in Philly still afforded us at least a glimpse into what Kelly wants to do offensively with the Eagles.

What's new (or what's up)?