NFL's best RBs of 2012

Minnesota's Adrian Peterson had 40 runs over 15 yards last season, 16 more than the next best. Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Last year at Pro Football Focus we graded some spectacular performances, but one performance doesn't make a season. So to give you a glimpse of what really stood out, we're highlighting the top 10 players at each position over the course of the season. This will provide an explanation on why they were so successful and what to expect going forward.

Next up are the running backs who featured in at least 500 snaps. This goes beyond how many yards they rushed for and looks at their performance on a snap-by-snap basis, accounting for their pass blocking and receiving as well as rushing.

Note: More information on Pro Football Focus' grading system can be found here.


1. Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings
2012 Grade: +29.3

Analysis: Was there ever any doubt as to who would be No. 1? Even if you ignore the miraculous recovery from injury (which we are doing), it was still a season for the ages from Peterson. His 2,097 yards tell only part of the story, as AP feasted on defenses trying to load the box. Despite the extra attention, he still finished with 40 runs over 15 yards. The next-highest total? 24.