Joe Flacco is overrated

Joe Flacco got a huge contract this offseason, but is he worth the money? Harry How/Getty Images

In conjunction with the release of the #NFLRank rollout on ESPN.com, Football Outsiders will provide an audit of the list, selecting the most overrated and underrated players revealed each day of the countdown.

Here are the most overrated and underrated players ranked 40-31 on both offense and defense:


Joe Flacco, QB, Baltimore Ravens (No. 40)


Flacco is a good NFL quarterback. He's probably more valuable than the advanced stats would otherwise indicate because the Baltimore offensive scheme is so dependent on his ability to throw deep, yet throwing too many deep passes tends to knock down a quarterback's efficiency stats. But the valuation of Joe Flacco comes down to whether you give more weight to four games or five years. Yes, those four games last postseason were very important, and leading your team to a Super Bowl title is a pretty nice accomplishment. But there's a good chance it was just a particularly strong streak from a quarterback whose career has been marked by inconsistency.